Do-It; be a Unique be a Sufi.

My life at this moment in time.

I am so grateful for God/Allah’s grace and mercy upon me, I am having the inspirational, peaceful and productive time and this is the best time of my life, for me there’s no isolation and feeling sorry for myself as getting old, no worries of earning a living, I am in best of health and its all to do with Divine blissful understanding and blissful living.

I am now 78 years old living in a beautiful comfortable apartments having all the amenities of life, feeling free from all demands of life and bondage, I am happy, positive and contented and it’s all thanks for the grateful guidance of my Masters practical way of divine living as an advance human being.

The pious Living what Prophet Mohammad chart out the Deen for his followers in his time transforming sinners into sainthood

The Deen (Islamic way of balance Living) laid down To follow. I am going to enlighten you what is a Universal way Living is and it will blow your mind so high you’ll thank me all your good life.

All Religion teaches (Balance Life)

(Husn al Akhlaq) beautiful character traits, the all Holy Prophets are the perfect embodiment of all beautiful characters, and they showed as it can be done and laid down these beautiful character traits for followers to walk on the Path of submissiveness. Follow Spiritual Path Under the direction of a Learned Master (Murshid, Shaykh, Pir) and the disciple (murid/seeker) can transform his base character traits into the beautiful and noble ones and fulfill his ‘reason for being’.

I have achieve all this inspirational and blissful characters, if I can achieve so I believe you can achieve all this too and I want you to achieve it. I am a sincere believer in Higher power of Allah/God and divine higher knowledge which is working in the universe, making and breaking recycling everything, I am compared Allah’s Power with my own limited power and limited knowledge that led me to aware to the Higher power around me, this Mighty higher power Source has many names in many languages people are familiar with as Allah God Iswara Khuda Ram Rab parvardigar and so on.

if only men or all believers and followers can see the working of Divinity in the creation as I am seeing it then they can start loving and

stop fighting creating misery in the name of Allah God Ram or Rabb on Earth.

I have taken up many hobbies writing gazal (poetry), writing songs of praise, sort stories and this all keeping me active and interested in sharing and caring experiences. I have joined social networks as Facebook, wattsapp made many friends. I traveled to many countries.

I go abroad in hot countries to avoid freezing climate traveling to many lovely places like Bahrain, Qatar Dubai India ect, every year to see families and friends all round the world so my readers i have meny wonderful experiences to tell you so keep reading this book, and the learning from my writing hopefully you can achieve higher knowledge , deeper understanding and inspirational lifestyles, “If I can do it so you can too”.

Wishing you Happy and Divine jeourny.

My story

My achievements, one day I said “Do-It; be a Sufi, be a seeker and find your self, then on my life changed from ordinary human state to high states of Angles as spiritual and You can Do-it too.

Self poisoning 

    Self Poisoning is a slow poisoning to your self  not having correct knowledge of the substances putting into own body that brings unbearable pain now as well as in later life to your self and to people around you. 

    ignorant about own body created by beautiful nature to do its work in the field of life and experiences. 

    paying for conciquences for abusing body and abusing nature on a daily bases. 

    not ignorant but under the influence of having good time now, pay later ignoring what is better and what is bitter in the morning. 

    what is your preferences, be honest 

    good time verses kidney, heart failure or some coronial disease. 

    good time Vs ill health take a pick. 

      Daily doses cure

      Daily doses cure

      Nirankari Baba,

      the head of Nirankari Mission is openly calling one to all know your maker, “know your God/Allah/Ram/Waheguru/Parvardigar/Jehovah/Osho and Ishwara you believe in then Glorify, then Worship”.

      Nirankari Baba the head of Nirankari Mission is openly imparting this Unique, Unseen and Hidden Knowledge of Mighty God, openly inviting come one come all and be blessed.

      Thousand and millions of people from all faiths and belief from all walks of life are being blessed all over the globe and are enjoying re-newed, high calibre high standard living quality life, where these blessed in millions has respects for all life especially fellow beings, they bring no harm, they cause no pain, nor they build walls, nor they hate anyone.


      These millions are re-newed Humanity, desired Humanity of the maker and nature, bringing joy and happiness to all brotherine, peace and tranquil in neighbourhood, bonding and jellying in all communities, ever ready to help and support making the whole environment angelic and enlightened.

      Please don’t take my word as truth that will be blindly following but come and see for yourself, come and witness the miracles of this age of one Man wonder.

      I am one of the fortunate one, I have been blessed and after learning unique knowledge I can say: I know my Allah now which I always believed in. I now know what is Allah, and I can call Allah by any of these names: God/Ram/Waheguru/Parvardigar/Jehovah/Osho Ishwara or creator/maker/Malik/Khaliq/Rab/Muvla or Universal being, it does not make any difference to Allah, the Maker, maker is happy to hear that his creature is calling the Mighty and wanting the Mighty.

      Example: you are the only one person, but called Dad, Son, Brother, Husband, uncle and so many countless other names but you are happy by them all.


      learn to read to understand the great Quran 

      Learning arabic text of Quran, is not learning to read Quran and remember reading Quran to practice in day to day living

      Just reciting Quran for the sake of reward that doesn’t mean anything at all Quran meaning the written texts are for you to keep you on check of your deeds words and actions. 

      Quran is a guide Book Quran is a scripture of wisdom as we have been told again and again, it’s you have to understand the words of Quran as you read and not the words of Movlana. 

      Quran is written for the followers to achieve benefit of both worlds meaning get Enlightend   with God knowledge in this world in this life that has full of spiritual treasures and God knowledge will remain with you after life too, but not understanding the words of Quran  People have missed out on all the benefit. 

      No and no, reciting Quran is not to gather swaab in afterlife, Quran is a guideline how to improve your own lifestyle, making pure, good and godly lifestyle. 

      walk with mind and heart to meet Your Lord in present life.  

      Murshad-E-Kamil ki rahe Trikat v Quran ki Nasihat:

      Bdl dala he jisne khud ko Quran ki Nasihat se Pahonch paya bulandi par rahe Murshad ki Tarikat se. 

      Murshid E Kamil ki rahe trikat ye ek ajuba training course he jis par insaan ke mun shaytan ko gle me rassa dal kar Khudai Asulon par chlaya jata he, Murshad-E-Kamil ki training ke bageir insan ek nafsi janvar he jo khudai asulo par chalne se inkar karta he. 

      Similarly it’s exactly same thing happened in all world religious followers, reciting for the sake of it but not understanding the message the guidelines for self improvement. 

      As “Read to Act and Act to Improve in Self” as making better self today than yesterday’s, that is reading Quran. 

      I have tried to read and put it in a practice my self and failed many times, just like those who have tried to improved themselves failed and failed again and again. 

      faced failure why because it’s not possible for as to get out of the century old teaching from parents to parents rightly or wrongly it’s fixed in mind frame and impossible to remove it. 

      Quran tells us to understand big five powerful forces and improve on our basic system of instincts and animal like behaviour by practicing prayers, fasting, charity, detachment and pride which is built in within. 

      To get out of the century old systems of followed religion and religious practice men needs help and support, someone who can lead holding hands, someone who is a genuine full of spiritual Divinely super Human beings full of compassion, care and kindness, Someone meaning a Perfect Master Murshad-E-Kamil, SadhGuru.  

      Without a Master in men life, training/coaching men are very basic, nothing more than a social animal living life acting on instinct just like all other animal on the planet. 


      pyar Ye shabd nhi he pyar ke nuskhe he 

      tohfa dena yane hamdardi karna sath dena 

      phool dena yane aashirvad dena achche Bol bolna 

      khushbu dena yane tareef karna bdai karna 

      khush karna yane madad karna