क़ुरान पड़िये ओर समज्ये फिर समजके अमल करिये। 

हर लाइब्रेरी मे हर भाषा मे क़ुरान मीलेगा। 

क़ुरान मे लिखा हे

“और जो भी अल्लाह और रसूल की इताअत (पैरवी) करेगा वह
उन लोगों के साथ हे जिन पर ख़ुदा ने अपनी नेअमतें नाजिल की हैं (ये लोग ) अम्बिया (नबियों), सिद्दीक़ीन (सच्चे), शोहदा (शहीद) और सालेहीन (वलियों) हे और यही (लोग) बेहतरीन रफ़ीक (दोस्त) है (४:६९)”

हम देख रहे हे के 

इंसान सिर्फ़ अपने नफ़स मन की पेरवी में मसरूफ हे, 

ना तो आज के इंसान के पास कोई सिद्दीक़ीन हे जो इसे सच्च बताये ओर जो इसे सच्चा बनाये 

और नाही कोई सालेहीन हे जो इस इंसान को सलाहियत पर चलाये 

ओर नाही कोई ज़िंदा अवलिया-अल्लाह हे जो इंसान को अल्लाह का इल्म कराये अल्लाह की मारेफ़्त कराये। 

और यही ख़ास लोग अल्लाह का इल्म रखने वाले अल्लाह के रफ़ीक हे। 

इंसान बेचारा क़ुरान की नसीहत को समजा ही नही हे 

केहने का मक़सद हे के 

जो इंसान ज़िन्दा सच्चे सिद्दीक़ीन व सालेहींन जो ख़ास नेअमत वाले हे उनकी की पेरवी करेगा उनको फ़ोल्लो करेगा तो हिदायत पर रहेगा 

ज़िन्दा वलियों की सोहबत मे उनकी ईंताअत करेगा वोहि इंसानअल्लाह ओर रसूल की इताअतकर पायेगा फ़रमाबरदारी कर पायेगा, इन्साफ़ कर पायेगा वरनाअपने आप कभी भी रसूलों की फ़रमाबरदारी नहि कर पायेगा

बहोत से लोगों का ख़याल व कहना हे के हमें किसी की पेरवी करने की ज़रूरत नही हे 

हमारी इबादत ही काफ़ी हे 

कितनी बड़ीं ख़ता मे हे 

इंसान बिलकुल उलटी चाल चल रहा हे 

क़ुरान पड़ा ओर समजा नही तो बे समजी का अमल गिरावट हे 

समजा पर अमल नही किया तो भारी नुक़सान मे हे 

Dhan Nirankar Ji santo ji

 group me sher Karna ji 

Seva karo, 

sahi means service 

seva vo he jisme koi apni grz nhi 

karo khoob karo par dhiyaan 

Iss liye Seva Sangat nhi karo ke Achcha he 

Ya iss liye seva nhi karo ke sab kar rhe he or Muje bhi karni chahiye 


Sangat iss liya karo ke mere me Jo kmiya he Jo mrz v bimari he Jo adhura pn he use dur karna he 

Jese ke 

juth bolne ki Aadt Ho ya 

baat ko idher se uddhar karne ki Aadt ho to use thik karna he 

Apne aapka sudhar karna he kyun ke 

Ye bahot bhari gunaah he 

Ye avguno ko juldi se mitana he 

Gussa karne ki Aadt ko sudhar na he 

Zyada Khana zyada bolna bhi thik nhi he in sab par Kabu pana he 

Satsang ko ruhani school smjna he 

Agar khud ka sudhar nhi Ho rha he to smjo ke bahot sari khushiya v nemto ko kho rhe Ho 

Follow Real Religion:

Real Religion:
To follow Religion is to follow true teachings of the Religion, and the teaching is God’s Law learning to live pure life according to the Rasool (sav), to live life of a Saints.
“Keep your heart from morning till night and from night till morning free from malice towards anyone, this is one of my laws, and he who loves my laws loves me” Prophets Mohammad (pbuh)
Not following the true teaching is clearly shows that he she is not following the Religion.
Take notice, its easy to follow ritual’s but not easy to follow Real Religion Maker God and
To Follow Real Religion.

Miss-understanding or miss-guidance is a no, no.

Miss-understanding or miss-guidance is a no, no in Rubaiyat/Adhyatmikta in Spiritual Godly dimensions

 Opinions and intellectuals judgments has no value in spiritual dimensions, spiritual dimensions are pure and none judgmental working in complete harmony and in equality and that’s the message to us all to do the same from the higher powers.

Majority of people are not interested in pure and none judgmental way of living their life, not interested in practicing harmony and in equality and not interested in clean honest living and yet whole hardheartedly believe in religion and happy performing rituals.

It seems to me that there’s something gone wrong somewhere (not in one religion but in all world religion) and that has to be put right sooner or later to “turn back to Godly dimensions” if mankind wants to (not just survive) but live in peace and harmony and live in co-existence with each other.

How to achieve that……read more

If and only people new the facts, God (The Divinity) is the heart and soul of all religion, without knowing the existence of God there’s no religion.

God’s Law and order is the heart and soul of God’s religion,

God Knowledge and inspirations are the source of God achievement.

It clear as we perceive that Divine Light has gone off men’s sight, where understanding is dim and limited have no control over basic emotions and basic senses where there is no human values, human appreciations or good and Godly human feelings left in general. 

In this case Enlightenment is a must for everyone, bringing good and Godliness  is a must for everyone, to live in a civilise manner to live in a civilise society for establishing quality life for self and for others, as well as for generations (our own Grand children) to come. Enlightening with unique knowledge “God knowledge” will make us realise that all our worship as praying, fasting, reciting and praising is not genuine but just copying, ritualistic and hollow) my only purpose is to bring awareness nothing else.

More to come from the book of begumji

Insan ka Dil Urdu

Insan ka Dil ILahi Chiz he
DiL, ILahi khorak Mangta he ILahi Pani mangta he
ILahi khorak Ruhani ILahi Amal/karam v Goro-fikar he
ILahi Pani Ruhani Allah ka ILm/Gyaan he
Ruhani v ILahi ILm Hasil karo
Ruhani ILm ke bageir ILahi Amal mumkin nhi
Allah par Bhrosa karo agr Imaan he
‘Put your trust in Allah if you have faith.’ (Qur’an, 5:26)
‘Worship Allah as though you see Him, for if you do not see Him, He sees you.’ (al-Tusi’s,Amali).
‘Put your trust in Allah if you have faith.’ (Qur’an, 5:26)

Living in the past

Living in the past

Generally human nature is negative and very critical nature and nature cannot be changed, nature can only be understood and improved accordingly.

We tend to live in the past and hold on to sad experiences or we live in future fear, therefore we suffer sadness, anxiety, stress or unknown.

Living in presence as “now” is true and free living from unwanted burden of daily life, unfortunately majority of people don’t know how to live in presence and suffers unnecessary.

Know what the presence is, see and feel the presence.

Have to learn how to live in presence.

Learn how to stay in the presence, to stay positive and joyous.

I can show you how to achieve that state of mind it’s easy and it’s free of charge.

What Is Life?

We are witnessing amazing highly intellectual reasoning minded people today who are searching, seeking and asking
what is life?
who am I?
who is God?
where is God?

Let me announce that time has come to all individuals to see, know and worship visible Entity called Allah God Ishwara Khuda Ram Jehovah Rabba.

Time is now to find the real you, as real Soul and throw away the veil of ignorance at the same time.

Millions of worshipers imagine God Allah as a huge father figure somewhere sitting in a paradise on a magnetic throne far away places, that is sheer ignorance, as God is nothing like that and God cannot be imagined.

believing in One God but no one has claimed eyewitness God in my knowledge, well that is all about to change now, as I have my self eyewitness this unseen God, seeing with my own eyes “God as Omnipresent existence” and constantly seeing God everywhere and in everything.

You be shocked by reading this well let me tell you, firstly you have heard and believed all your life about made up Gods false description by people imaginations as God lives in a paradise and you have not understood what’s written in the Quran
“wherever you turn your face I’m there”

so don’t be shock and reject the new knowledge but it’s an opportunity to learn the facts to know the truth to believe in the truth.

majority of people believe in One God but unfortunately it’s a culturally beliefs, it’s something like as one has to do the same because everyone else is, inherited faith from parents is not working as true faith.

This causes the rifts between belief and actions as belief in goes in one direction and the actions in opposite directions as do what you like and hope for the best and that’s what we see in everyday reality.

We need to correct this misunderstanding gap, believing all is ok and we will be forgiven just because we believe in God, no you will not be forgiven as every grain of actions are accountable in the Low of justice.

“What would be the facts if you knew what your actions will bring, you would never sin”

Everything that we experience is a material world with our material Body and subtle mind which seems very real but it’s not real, it’s an illusion it seems that way because mind is conditioned under Maya’s influence.

There are unseen world beyond space and time, a realm revealed by scientist which they themselves cannot understand so they have called it a God particles consist of dark (unseen) energies.

This invisible working of all that which exists is not for nothing but for a possible purpose. Something that creates, sustains and perfectly destroys or recycled in a very organised way, is this unseen mighty intelligence God positive energy, it turns ocean into drop and drop into ocean. It bring out stars, galaxies and black holes from nothing and can take the human Iness back to empty void as Nothingness ie (God).

Know your original source.

Know God, know your original source. 
know your original source as where have you come from.
O Man, Know this, you are not just a little man on this planet, you are very important to God to Nature and to Humanity. You have a plaice in this vast universe just like the Sun, the Moon and Stars, you come from a very far magical place so don’t underestimate yourself and don’t sell your self short.
Don’t believe whats your sensory eye sees, ears hears and all that mind suggests, actually it’s all illusion and imagination. You need to get that special Eye, the Eye of the Heart, the Eye to see above flesh and bones.
The Eye of the Heart is blocked off by powerful mind and mind is walking talking is in a sleeping state, mind needs to be awakened by someone who is awake and only the wide awakened person can awaken the sleeping mind, only awakened mind can know and understand the big vision and can see and hear beyond senses.