Do-It; be a Unique be a Sufi.

My life at this moment in time.

I am so grateful for God/Allah’s grace and mercy upon me, I am having the inspirational, peaceful and productive time and this is the best time of my life, for me there’s no isolation and feeling sorry for myself as getting old, no worries of earning a living, I am in best of health and its all to do with Divine blissful understanding and blissful living.

I am now 78 years old living in a beautiful comfortable apartments having all the amenities of life, feeling free from all demands of life and bondage, I am happy, positive and contented and it’s all thanks for the grateful guidance of my Masters practical way of divine living as an advance human being.

The pious Living what Prophet Mohammad chart out the Deen for his followers in his time transforming sinners into sainthood

The Deen (Islamic way of balance Living) laid down To follow. I am going to enlighten you what is a Universal way Living is and it will blow your mind so high you’ll thank me all your good life.

All Religion teaches (Balance Life)

(Husn al Akhlaq) beautiful character traits, the all Holy Prophets are the perfect embodiment of all beautiful characters, and they showed as it can be done and laid down these beautiful character traits for followers to walk on the Path of submissiveness. Follow Spiritual Path Under the direction of a Learned Master (Murshid, Shaykh, Pir) and the disciple (murid/seeker) can transform his base character traits into the beautiful and noble ones and fulfill his ‘reason for being’.

I have achieve all this inspirational and blissful characters, if I can achieve so I believe you can achieve all this too and I want you to achieve it. I am a sincere believer in Higher power of Allah/God and divine higher knowledge which is working in the universe, making and breaking recycling everything, I am compared Allah’s Power with my own limited power and limited knowledge that led me to aware to the Higher power around me, this Mighty higher power Source has many names in many languages people are familiar with as Allah God Iswara Khuda Ram Rab parvardigar and so on.

if only men or all believers and followers can see the working of Divinity in the creation as I am seeing it then they can start loving and

stop fighting creating misery in the name of Allah God Ram or Rabb on Earth.

I have taken up many hobbies writing gazal (poetry), writing songs of praise, sort stories and this all keeping me active and interested in sharing and caring experiences. I have joined social networks as Facebook, wattsapp made many friends. I traveled to many countries.

I go abroad in hot countries to avoid freezing climate traveling to many lovely places like Bahrain, Qatar Dubai India ect, every year to see families and friends all round the world so my readers i have meny wonderful experiences to tell you so keep reading this book, and the learning from my writing hopefully you can achieve higher knowledge , deeper understanding and inspirational lifestyles, “If I can do it so you can too”.

Wishing you Happy and Divine jeourny.