Daily doses cure

Daily doses cure

Nirankari Baba,

the head of Nirankari Mission is openly calling one to all know your maker, “know your God/Allah/Ram/Waheguru/Parvardigar/Jehovah/Osho and Ishwara you believe in then Glorify, then Worship”.

Nirankari Baba the head of Nirankari Mission is openly imparting this Unique, Unseen and Hidden Knowledge of Mighty God, openly inviting come one come all and be blessed.

Thousand and millions of people from all faiths and belief from all walks of life are being blessed all over the globe and are enjoying re-newed, high calibre high standard living quality life, where these blessed in millions has respects for all life especially fellow beings, they bring no harm, they cause no pain, nor they build walls, nor they hate anyone.


These millions are re-newed Humanity, desired Humanity of the maker and nature, bringing joy and happiness to all brotherine, peace and tranquil in neighbourhood, bonding and jellying in all communities, ever ready to help and support making the whole environment angelic and enlightened.

Please don’t take my word as truth that will be blindly following but come and see for yourself, come and witness the miracles of this age of one Man wonder.

I am one of the fortunate one, I have been blessed and after learning unique knowledge I can say: I know my Allah now which I always believed in. I now know what is Allah, and I can call Allah by any of these names: God/Ram/Waheguru/Parvardigar/Jehovah/Osho Ishwara or creator/maker/Malik/Khaliq/Rab/Muvla or Universal being, it does not make any difference to Allah, the Maker, maker is happy to hear that his creature is calling the Mighty and wanting the Mighty.

Example: you are the only one person, but called Dad, Son, Brother, Husband, uncle and so many countless other names but you are happy by them all.