Miss-understanding or miss-guidance is a no, no.

Miss-understanding or miss-guidance is a no, no in Rubaiyat/Adhyatmikta in Spiritual Godly dimensions

 Opinions and intellectuals judgments has no value in spiritual dimensions, spiritual dimensions are pure and none judgmental working in complete harmony and in equality and that’s the message to us all to do the same from the higher powers.

Majority of people are not interested in pure and none judgmental way of living their life, not interested in practicing harmony and in equality and not interested in clean honest living and yet whole hardheartedly believe in religion and happy performing rituals.

It seems to me that there’s something gone wrong somewhere (not in one religion but in all world religion) and that has to be put right sooner or later to “turn back to Godly dimensions” if mankind wants to (not just survive) but live in peace and harmony and live in co-existence with each other.

How to achieve that……read more

If and only people new the facts, God (The Divinity) is the heart and soul of all religion, without knowing the existence of God there’s no religion.

God’s Law and order is the heart and soul of God’s religion,

God Knowledge and inspirations are the source of God achievement.

It clear as we perceive that Divine Light has gone off men’s sight, where understanding is dim and limited have no control over basic emotions and basic senses where there is no human values, human appreciations or good and Godly human feelings left in general. 

In this case Enlightenment is a must for everyone, bringing good and Godliness  is a must for everyone, to live in a civilise manner to live in a civilise society for establishing quality life for self and for others, as well as for generations (our own Grand children) to come. Enlightening with unique knowledge “God knowledge” will make us realise that all our worship as praying, fasting, reciting and praising is not genuine but just copying, ritualistic and hollow) my only purpose is to bring awareness nothing else.

More to come from the book of begumji