Know your original source.

Know God, know your original source. 
know your original source as where have you come from.
O Man, Know this, you are not just a little man on this planet, you are very important to God to Nature and to Humanity. You have a plaice in this vast universe just like the Sun, the Moon and Stars, you come from a very far magical place so don’t underestimate yourself and don’t sell your self short.
Don’t believe whats your sensory eye sees, ears hears and all that mind suggests, actually it’s all illusion and imagination. You need to get that special Eye, the Eye of the Heart, the Eye to see above flesh and bones.
The Eye of the Heart is blocked off by powerful mind and mind is walking talking is in a sleeping state, mind needs to be awakened by someone who is awake and only the wide awakened person can awaken the sleeping mind, only awakened mind can know and understand the big vision and can see and hear beyond senses.