Why I’m searching the one un-perishable truth 

Sun will raise that is the truth and absolute truth, but if I say Sun will shine tomorrow that is not absolute truth that is maybe, maybe not. 

If tomorrow comes and I see Sun is shining on me that is true knowing, experiencing the actual warmth of the Sun. 

Does God exist? maybe maybe not 

God meaning Truth, (not comparehanded) 

Does Truth exist? Maybe maybe not

God meaning Life all Life ( not Understood) 

Does Life exist? 

If yes then God exist. 

If God the truth the Life Exist then want to know how where and why. 

Now meaning at this stage in my life I feel I’m a onlooker standing on the side of the road watching the world go by as I see people go about rushing doing all the activities I feel I have done it all been there and got my tea shirt. 
So now turn to know and learn something new and exciting in the subject of the unknown,

Why not make life meaningful and useful again while I am still breathing to find all about the hidden and Unknown subject of the One un-perishable Truth, for my self. 

Truth and not so truthful 

True and false or reliable or unreal 

Telling the truth or telling a lie 

showing or hiding 

Also I am experiencing that everything around me is changing constantly proving not stable or unreliable and I have no say in it what’so ever but watch and participate to keep peace all around.