Muqame Baqa

Islam mission me sabse eham talim sikhai gai he vo Apne Nafas ko fna karna he apne aunder ke shytan se njaat pana he. 

Fana hona nhi aasan samaj begum Nafs-E-Shytan ka…varna pahonch jate ye havsi log Muqam- e- Baqa tak Aaj…Naa kal par chor ye baaten Ye saanse chal rhi he aaj 


What we called good life, life full of values full of happiness and containment in reality and not in theory. 
Who ever wants life full of gold and silver (plesant surrounding) diamonds and rubies (goodness and Godliness) then dig deep my friends on the surface you will only find stone and soiled earth.

“Best thing in life Is when one is free from burden” get free from heavy burden of sins from you soul”