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The similitude of knowledge without application is a laden donkey

What is meant by Quranic verse ‘Taking Kafir’s as Awliya’…Question:

We hope that you will be able to explain, with examples, what is meant by the phrase, ‘Taking kaafirs as close friends and protectors is haram.’

  1. Praising them and their civilization and culture, defending them, and admiring their behavior and skills, without taking note of their false ideology and corrupt religion. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘And strain not your eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to various groups of them (disbelievers), the splendor of the life of this world that We may test them thereby. But the provision (good reward in the Hereafter) of your Lord is better and more lasting. [Ta-Ha 20:131]. It is also forbidden to honor them, give them titles of respect, initiate greetings to them, give them the best seats in gatherings, and give way to them in the street. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘Do not be the first to greet a Jew or a Christian (do not initiate the greeting), and if you meet one of them in the street, then push him to the narrowest part of the way.


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peace and joy upon you and upon all mankind. 
Dear brother, can you please show me one Muslim country where there are no Hippocratic, lairs or dishonest people like Munnafikeen, be-imaan and naferman so i can go and live there.

According to Quran if you have read and understand properly the wisdom and secrets of Quran you would not have made this assumption on Humankind.  

Brother you’re far, far away from inner teaching of beautiful Islamism as Sufisim, please read the great Ibn e Arabi. 

One of the Arabs who came from among the most isolated of people twisted his hand at the Prophet and said: “O Messenger of Allah! People from humankind who are neither Prophets nor martyrs and yet the Prophets and the martyrs yearn to be like them due to their seat and proximity in relation to Allah?! Describe them for us!” The Prophet’s face showed delight at the Beduin’s Arabs question and he said:

“They are of the strangers from this and that place. They frequent this or that tribe without belonging to them. They do not have family connections among themselves. They love one another for Allah’s sake. They are of pure intent towards one another. On the Day of Resurrection Allah will place for them pedestals of light upon which He will make them sit, and He will turn their faces and clothes into light.”

They accompanied in the world with bodies whose spirits were attached to the highest regard (al-mahall al-a`la). Ah, ah! How one yearns to see them!
Allah stated: “one of Our slaves, unto whom We had given mercy from Us, and had taught knowledge from Our presence” (18:66).

Then please don’t call another human been a kafir, and don’t spread hate and dislike into our Community thinking you, me and all Muslims are a good Godly perfect Muslims, Allah has powers to turn the hearts of any of his creatures any time.

Our Ibadat is to seek knowledge of Allah from Awliya Allah and keep to our duties as to do good, spread love, peace and joy in the name of Allah to one and all his creatures. to qualify for Allah Khushnudi.

thanking you

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